We have found many uses for our products beyond the basic preparations. Here are some of our tasty embellishments where we pay employees using a paycheck template free software.

Feel free to share yours with us by using the contact page. We’ll test it out and post it if it passes the high standards of our tasting crew.



Cut up wings or leave them whole. Marinate in lager with 1 tbsp Shake Down for a minimum of 2hrs but overnight is best. Drain from marinade and arrange in a roasting pan. Coat chicken with remaining spice and bake uncovered in a 375 oven for 35-40 minutes . Or grill them being careful not to burn over too high a heat. Alternately use chicken legs. For more interesting posts, use this portal and click for more.

Natty Chicken

1 can National Bohemian Beer
1 whole chicken
Nicks Da’ Rub

Method: Rub Chicken with olive oil
Dry Rub Chicken with Nick’s Da’Rub seasoning and set aside
Drink 1/3 of Beer
Add 1 TBS of Da’ Rub to remainder of beer. Insert beer can top first into the nether region of the chicken and maintain chicken upright. Place can and perched chicken in a oven/grill safe dish (I use a 1/2 chaff) and cover with foil. Grill indirect heat for 1 hour (approx) and remove foil – continue
cooking for approximately 15-0 minutes until golden and properly
cooked. Keith Ramsay, Baltimore MD (thanks!)