abouimageWhen I was growing up my family operated a seafood market and my grandmother cooked up a storm in her East Baltimore kitchen. As a young man I developed an enthusiasm for cooking and of course, eating good food. I traveled around the world and the U.S. always trying the local flavor. I picked up a love of spices and an understanding of how they could enhance the flavor of foods. I cooked for friends and family and became known for my flair with spice. In 1982 I won second place in a Chili cook off judged by Country music star Charlie Daniels and a panel of gourmet chefs. This landed me a spot on a local television program and I got a chance to show Baltimore how I made Chili. For a time I sold my Chili to friends and business associates but this soon came into conflict with my regular job. However my love of cooking was awakened and I continued to share my flair for using spices at numerous family events and the odd catering job. nicksBack in 2001, I had made a dry rub BBQ mix for use at home. My family liked it so much that we cooked with it all the time. After using “Da Rub” on ribs and chicken that I shared with friends, their response was “You should sell this!” That’s how it began, and now as you can see here I have developed many more products for your cooking enjoyment. After “Da Rub” I developed a chili based on my old award winning recipe as well as the” Burger Booster“, dip mixes, salsas ect. My creations have developed quite a local following in recent years and now I’ve decided to make them available world wide. I put my heart and hometown pride into these products and I think you’ll agree that they are a must have in your kitchen. If you are not satisfied with my products we can do an exchange or you will get your money back. Guaranteed.

Order. Eat. Enjoy.

Have a spice day!

Nick Nichols
Baltimore MD